Grand National Horse Generator

Trying to pick which horse to back in the Grand National is like trying to win world the round at darts blind-folded. You know what to look for, you roughly have an idea how it’s going to go but in the world of horse racing your careful observations can very quickly go south when something you had no chance of foreseeing happens. To stick with the darts example, your friend Mike just walked in between you and the board while you’re trying to hit the 5. That might be a tad extreme, it’s still fully possible to handicap and get a solid idea of who’s going to win a race but the fact you can’t control all the variables makes it feel like a fool’s game on some occasions. Especially with smaller festivals like Cheltenham that have a tighter pack and are significantly easier to predict and manage when it comes to making bets. So, with 2019 pretty far away, we’ve got this random horse generator so you can put money on your pick now and can relax until this time next year. I mean, you could spend hours delving into the last race and studying the horses who competed or you could pick it totally at random out of the favourites. Choice is yours!


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