NYE Celebrations: Is Bigger Really Better?

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New Year’s Eve is one of the most celebrated days of the year. People from all over the world gather around bars, TV sets and city streets to honor the end of one twelve-month chapter, and embrace the prospect of a new one. Resolutions are made, drinks are spilled and loved ones are nearby as “Happy New Year!” is chimed across countless time zones, and in even more languages.

When it comes to NYE celebrations, many party-goers define their upcoming year in accordance to their celebrations, but I can’t help but wonder: does a big blowout really equate to a bigger and better year?

For the fortunate millionaires equipped with a fortune, New Year’s Eve is the night to ring in yet another year of prosperity. Take L.A.’s “The Bazaar,” for example. A NYE event hosted at this premium nightclub offers entry at a minimum of $250.00. For the Big Kahuna treatment at this year’s “Spanish Masquerade” NYE theme, amenities including private dining, a lavish buffet, one pound of caviar and endless cocktails are available for a whopping $15,000 for one evening. While the extravagance is hard to ignore, I’m skeptical to believe that 16oz. of caviar consumption is ever really necessary in any setting.

Then you have average income folks like myself. For the mid-twenties’ Joe Schmoe, New Year’s Eve is celebrated with a nominal pub fee and cheap shots taken at the stroke of midnight. Some opt for venues that are easy on the wallet and effective by the tipple, while others settle at home with cheap-and-cheerful boxed wine and noisemakers.

To conserve my post-Christmas bank depletion, I’ve planned a NYE Netflix date with my Pomeranian and two bottles of Pinot Noir.  While I’d never turn down an opportunity to celebrate NYE in the French Riviera, I’m quite content with this year’s low-key simplicity. I tip my hats to the billionaires and their boat parties, but I have a humbling evening of Twilight Zone episodes to enjoy; an inexpensive evening far more satisfying than any thousand scoops of caviar.


VIP lounge at new Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland

Here’s a photo of the new VIP lounge at the new Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland. Bullz-Eye.com has a review of the new Cleveland casino that is located in the heart of downtown. There are plenty of perks for high rollers, so if you’re in Cleveland make sure to check it out!


Bungalow Suites at Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas

Here’s one of the newest hot spots for high rollers in Vegas. The Bungalow Suites go for $10,000 per night, though high rollers can obviously get taken care of!


Dayclubs reopening in Las Vegas

It’s been a long winter. You’ve been watching a lot of TV, and all of your gambling has been done online as you stay up late playing online poker or visiting OnlineBingo.com. You’ve been itching to get some warm weather and party by a pool to go with your gambling fix, so now is the time to start planning your trip to Las Vegas! It’s springtime, and the weather is warming up.

This is a great time to hit Vegas as all of the dayclubs are starting to open up again. There are tons of options as Vegas has figured out how to bring the crazy nightlife alive during the day.

This mostly started with the crazy Rehab Sundays at the Hard Rock pool. As you can see from the photo above, this was a wild a crazy party that definitely drew in a younger crowd. All of the nightlife elements like reserving a cabana and buying bottle service were brought to the poolside as well, and when you have girls in bikinis the atmosphere can get even wilder. Ditch Fridays at The Palms also became a huge hit.

You also have mellower options like Bare at The Mirage. They have a DJ and it’s definitely a party, but it caters to a more chill crowd. This is great if you want to relax a bit as well and enjoy the beautiful sites of the pool.

The whole dayclub scene has gotten even more popular now with some of the newer and trendier casinos like The Cosmopolitan which features the Marquee Dayclub. Here you definitely get the more upscale crowd along with celebrities and many well-known DJs. Cost to get in is usually around $80 per person (not counting local ladies!) so get ready to empty your wallet as well.

These are just many of the new ways that Vegas caters to the party crowd. If you’re a high roller you can expect some VIP treatment from your casino host, but realize that the dayclubs are now one of the more sought after experiences in Vegas.


Carmen Electra at Pure Nightclub in Vegas

Here’s Carmen Electra as she struts her stuff on the red carpet at the 3rd Annual RPM XI Event at Pure Nightclub at Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino.

Carmen Electra at the 3rd Annual RPM XI Event at Pure Nightclub at Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino. (Las Vegas, Nevada)

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