Hosts and VIP Hosts in Las Vegas nightclubs

If you’re heading to Las Vegas and want to enjoy the nightlife with all the Las Vegas hotties, then you have to get into the right clubs, and you probably shouldn’t even bother without getting bottles service.

If you’re a high roller, this becomes much easier, particularly in the casino where you’re staying, as your casino host will take care of you. You might want to consider the nightlife when picking a casino for that very reason.

For everyone else, if you want to live like a high roller and get treated like a VIP when you hit the clubs, you need to understand how all this works, and whether you should contact a host at the nightclub you want to attend, or whether you should consider a VIP host to plan your weekend.

Jack Colton is one of the best resources out there on the Vegas nightlife scene, so you need to read this article before doing anything else. Jack explains the different options and warns you of the possible pitfalls.


Las Vegas themed airline?

This seems like a great idea for anyone who loves Vegas and wants a VIP travel experience.  LV Air will be a new airline and charter service operating non-stop flights from New York to Las Vegas. The service will coordinate with hotels to provide a seamless travel experience usually reserved for high rollers.

Some of the features include:

• The airline promises “straight to the room” baggage service. When passengers check a suitcase in New York, they won’t have to lug it from the baggage carousel to the hotel. It will be waiting for them in their hotel rooms.

• At flight check-in, passengers will get hotel front desk service, including room keys and have access to a 24-hour concierge line.

• Packages will be available consolidating buffets and show and seating preferences in hotel restaurants. Packages also can include nightclub access, booth preference, entry and bottle pricing.

• Limousine service will be available between the airport and the hotel and between hotel properties and clubs.

• Smart-phone recognition software will be programmed so that front desk, limousine staff and club hosts will know immediately when a guest is within 100 feet of the front desk or entrance.

• In-flight meal packs prepared by Las Vegas chefs will be available on LV Air flights.

• The 18-seat first-class cabin will have fully reclining flatbed seats. Smith said the first-class cabins would be sponsored by casino companies that would design the cabin décor, carpet, uniforms, meals, blankets, pillows and seating upholstery.

• The 182-seat main cabin will have wireless iPads, inter-seat texting and video, Wi-Fi access, club music and mood lighting.

• Onboard safety briefings will given by recorded holographic images of Las Vegas celebrities. Smith said iconic celebrities, living or dead, could present messages with that technology.

We can definitely get behind something like this!


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