Party time in Kentucky for the Derby

Gronk and the Kentucky Derby – this shoudn’t be a surprise!

This is one party you definitely want to put on your bucket list . . .


Bottle Service at the Playboy Mansion

Don’t bother going to a party at the Playboy Mansion unless you’re willing to spring for bottle service.

Unless you’re a loser that wants to stand around and gawk at all the hotties that get invited to these parties, you better have a table to some of them might actually come and talk to you.


Whiskey in the office

Here’s a great photo from the 1950s of a contraption found in some company offices at the time where you could get a shot of ice-cold whiskey! That’s hilarious . . . .


Spending millions in Las Vegas

If you’re a high roller and you’re looking to let loose in Las Vegas and spend some serious money, check out this video for ideas.


The $1,000 Mint Julep

Don’t get too excited. It’s all for charity at the Kentucky Derby. In this video Woodford Reserve master distiller Chris Morris explains the idea behind this drink.


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