Bottle Service at the Playboy Mansion

Don’t bother going to a party at the Playboy Mansion unless you’re willing to spring for bottle service.

Unless you’re a loser that wants to stand around and gawk at all the hotties that get invited to these parties, you better have a table to some of them might actually come and talk to you.

Bottle service at Playboy Mansion


The $1,000 Mint Julep

Don’t get too excited. It’s all for charity at the Kentucky Derby. In this video Woodford Reserve master distiller Chris Morris explains the idea behind this drink.


Rich and Famous Lifestyle Comes With Consequences

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Most people would say that celebrities are blessed with fortune and fame, but are these two elements really all they’re cracked up to be?

The Downsides of Celebrity Status

According to a recent Huffington Post article, high-profile celebrities are faced with much more than just adoring fans and Hollywood red carpet events, as evident in the following examples:

1. Drug/Alcohol Dependency

“…Brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack, ’cause when I leave for the night, I ain’t coming back.”

Ah, the poetic song lyrics of celebrity train wreck, Ke$ha. Though her talent is comparable to that of an amoeba, fans worship her “live fast, die young” mantra, which happens all too often with high-profile celebs. The rich and famous lifestyle knows no bounds, particularly when it comes to substance abuse.

I’m all for a messy night out every now and again, but celebs’ constant access to a bevy of designer drugs/drinks will inevitably take its toll. Just look at all those who succumbed to the “27 club” as a prime example.

2. Security Measures

All the fame in the world can’t buy you peace of mind.

High-profilers are on constant watch of potential threats, from invasive paparazzi encounters to the obsessive fan base. Even with implemented security measures, celebs – and their families – are constantly at risk.

3. Tabloid Rumors/Gossip

Fame doesn’t pardon cruelty. An active face in the limelight guarantees hurtful, negative remarks from the peanut gallery. Such constant berating is likely to penetrate even the thickest of skin. While celebs rank high on the media’s pedestal hierarchy, they’re not exempt from the sting of biting words.

4. Bankruptcy

Money management is a major concern for high-profile entertainers, who often utilize poor, financial judgment. Over the years, top-paid celebrities have been forced to file for bankruptcy as their savings depleted faster than their sales.

*Both fame and financial successes are noteworthy achievements, but they still come with costs. The limelight doesn’t just showcase beauty and talent; it can also extract the negative aspects induced by a high-profiler lifestyle.


NYE Celebrations: Is Bigger Really Better?

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New Year’s Eve is one of the most celebrated days of the year. People from all over the world gather around bars, TV sets and city streets to honor the end of one twelve-month chapter, and embrace the prospect of a new one. Resolutions are made, drinks are spilled and loved ones are nearby as “Happy New Year!” is chimed across countless time zones, and in even more languages.

When it comes to NYE celebrations, many party-goers define their upcoming year in accordance to their celebrations, but I can’t help but wonder: does a big blowout really equate to a bigger and better year?

For the fortunate millionaires equipped with a fortune, New Year’s Eve is the night to ring in yet another year of prosperity. Take L.A.’s “The Bazaar,” for example. A NYE event hosted at this premium nightclub offers entry at a minimum of $250.00. For the Big Kahuna treatment at this year’s “Spanish Masquerade” NYE theme, amenities including private dining, a lavish buffet, one pound of caviar and endless cocktails are available for a whopping $15,000 for one evening. While the extravagance is hard to ignore, I’m skeptical to believe that 16oz. of caviar consumption is ever really necessary in any setting.

Then you have average income folks like myself. For the mid-twenties’ Joe Schmoe, New Year’s Eve is celebrated with a nominal pub fee and cheap shots taken at the stroke of midnight. Some opt for venues that are easy on the wallet and effective by the tipple, while others settle at home with cheap-and-cheerful boxed wine and noisemakers.

To conserve my post-Christmas bank depletion, I’ve planned a NYE Netflix date with my Pomeranian and two bottles of Pinot Noir.  While I’d never turn down an opportunity to celebrate NYE in the French Riviera, I’m quite content with this year’s low-key simplicity. I tip my hats to the billionaires and their boat parties, but I have a humbling evening of Twilight Zone episodes to enjoy; an inexpensive evening far more satisfying than any thousand scoops of caviar.


Bungalow Suites at Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas

Here’s one of the newest hot spots for high rollers in Vegas. The Bungalow Suites go for $10,000 per night, though high rollers can obviously get taken care of!


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