Party time in Kentucky for the Derby

Gronk and the Kentucky Derby – this shoudn’t be a surprise!

This is one party you definitely want to put on your bucket list . . .


Bottle Service at the Playboy Mansion

Don’t bother going to a party at the Playboy Mansion unless you’re willing to spring for bottle service.

Unless you’re a loser that wants to stand around and gawk at all the hotties that get invited to these parties, you better have a table to some of them might actually come and talk to you.


Whiskey in the office

Here’s a great photo from the 1950s of a contraption found in some company offices at the time where you could get a shot of ice-cold whiskey! That’s hilarious . . . .


New Jersey welcomes sports betting

stacks of 100 bills

Get ready for sports betting at New Jersey casinos and race tracks. Governor Christie just signed the new bill into law, and it will be interesting to see if sports leagues like the NFL or the feds try to stop this.

The casinos in Atlantic City have been decimated as more states permit casino gambling, so now they may have sportsbooks to differentiate them again. Hell, I’m even tempted to go there now!

Let’s hope this sticks.


How many shoes does a man need?

Joe Haden tweets out a pic of his shoe closet. Imelda Marcos would be jealous.