It Takes Balls to Win in Las Vegas


For anybody who has ever had the fortune of visiting Las Vegas, there’s a lot to be learned from walking the streets. For one thing, there’s a lot of walking to be done. The distance between hotel & casino resorts is staggering. And if you’re not wearing comfortable socks and shoes you’re going to be blistered beyond compare. But that’s not the half of it, because the real reason that you’re in Las Vegas is to win – hopefully at least your money back. For many first-time visitors to Sin City, it’s a spectacle to behold. The bright lights, glitz and glamour of Las Vegas is captivating, enthralling and dazzling. But once you’ve started playing at the casinos, you soon realise that your best friend in Las Vegas is your back pocket. And if your back pocket is a little light on cash, you won’t be feeling so great for too long. The realities of Las Vegas are perhaps best summed up in the words of the locals who prowl the streets in search of spare change from unsuspecting tourists. Many of these characters refer to Las Vegas as “Lost Wages.”

This begs the question: how do you make money in a city that was developed with the purpose of taking your money? The answer is simple: bingo. That’s right – bingo is a player friendly game they can be played at affordable wagers, enjoyed among friends and experienced in the casino metropolises that pepper the Vegas Strip. Some folks are calling bingo the best kept secret of Las Vegas. It appears that this trend has now caught on and many people are deciding to play bingo for cash at halls across the city and on the Internet. The traditional hall is less popular today than in the times of old. This is largely due to the meteoric rise in popularity of online bingo sites. One of these is Posh Bingo. As its namesake suggests, this site prides itself on elegance, class and sophistication – much like the grandiose establishments of Caesars Palace, the Bellagio, the MGM Grand, Treasure Island, the Mirage, the Stratosphere and other Vegas icons. It’s true what they say: it takes balls to win in Las Vegas – bingo balls!


Many gambling initiatives on the November ballot

Have we finally reached a tipping point where legalized gambling starts to become entrenched in the American lifestyle? ambling has always been there of course, it was either underground, in Las Vegas, run by charities or online, and we’ve seen all of these converge with bingo sites and sports gambling on the web. The churches and the neighborhood bookie used to be your only options, but now consumers can enjoy themselves with a variety of outlets.

In Maryland you have an effort to add another casino and then expand the current casinos to allow table games in addition to the slots. The Washington Post recently endorsed the new referendum in an editorial even though they initially opposed Maryland gambling several years ago when it was put in place. That just shows you how much things have changed.

With that you’ll see more competition for online gambling sources, but also more opportunities as well. More competition leads to more creativity and more options for the entertainment dollars of consumers. Poker sites offer freeroll jackpots, and bingo sites offer things like jackpot bingo promotions. We’re also seeing the fantasy sports sites get into the game, with free weekly contests with a significant cash jackpot. With more freedom comes more fun!


Yes, Bingo is Popular

You might be surprised to hear this but the game of bingo has become one of the most popular online casino games. It is thriving in the UK and it is gaining popularity in other countries as well. There are a number of reasons why people have taken to playing bingo. Let’s take a look at the top five reasons.

1. Bingo is Easy – You probably already know just how easy bingo is to play and when you play it online it is even easier since you don’t have to worry about marking off numbers and missing something. Simple games are oftentimes the ones that people like to play the most.

2. Bingo is Fun – It is always fun to have a chance to win money playing a simple game. You can cheer for your numbers to come up and enjoy the excitement of bingo.

3. You Can Win Money – It is great when you have a chance to win money when playing a game and that is the case with cash bingo games. Prizes from just a few dollars to thousands of dollars are available at online bingo sites.

4. You Can Chat with Friends – You almost could put this as the top reason that online bingo has taken off in popularity. Women have really taken to playing online bingo because they can play the game and chat with their friends at the same time.

5. You Can Play Online – There is absolutely no question that playing online bingo is far easier and simpler than playing at a local bingo hall or at a local church. You don’t have to go anywhere to play online bingo and it is a lot more exciting when you have a real chance to win money at anytime of the day or night.


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