Low rollers rule Las Vegas

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The game is changing in Las Vegas. There are still plenty of incredible ways to enjoy the place if you’re a high rollers, but now the low rollers are arriving in droves. They love to party and hit the clubs, but they’re really not into gambling that much. Time has a story focusing on the new trend.

Vegas is packed again, but the casinos aren’t making the gaming revenues they saw in past years. We’ve discussed this many times, as the trends have been obvious.

One issue is that the casinos don’t cater to serious gamblers like before. The new corporate entities are so obsessed with maximizing every inch of the casino that they are flooding them with slots. Blackjack doesn’t get the attention we saw in the past, but this is one of the games that attracts people who like to gamble. The casinos have played with the rules way too much.

It’s harder for a group of guys who want to gamble as a group to find a table in the best casinos that will satisfy everyone in the group. Limits are too high, so while a casino might not want guys who play the $10 tables, their friends might be the ones who bet $100 per hand.

I think casinos need to think about catering to guys who love to gamble, and that will help create environments that attract more high rollers.


Today’s gamblers in Las Vegas


Things have been changing for years in Las Vegas.With so many options on there for the gambling fan, Las Vegas is no longer the only viable option out there. This is true whether you’re a high roller or a casual one-armed bandit. For example, you can go to these sites if you’re a high roller, so now there are more options to meet your needs. Sure, high rollers love junkets to Las Vegas and all of the fringe benefits that go along with it. But many guys just love the rush of gambling and the thrill of winning, and now people can get that whether they go to Vegas or not.

Las Vegas is now selling the overall experience and entertainment just as much as they’re selling gambling. You can see that with new spots like the Cosmopolitan which is the latest hot spot where the beautiful people like to congregate. It can be fun as hell, but that also affects the gambling crowd. It seems like the casual gambler is much less educated these days, so the casino plays around with the table games offered. They haven’t messed with craps much, but games like blackjack are manipulated with the decks and the odds. Ignorant gamblers don’t know any better, so they’ll sit down at a one-deck game thinking they have an advantage, but not realizing that the altered blackjack payouts are screwing them.

This is less prevalent in the high roller areas, as those gamblers are usually much more educated. But the casinos have been messing with the formula on the casino floor for so long that they’re chasing away the guys who aren’t quite high rollers but will come to Vegas with a $1,000 bankroll. If you mess with them too much, you lose them to other outlets, like online options or the casinos around the country. It will be interesting to see how the gambling experience continues to evolve.


VIP lounge at new Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland

Here’s a photo of the new VIP lounge at the new Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland. Bullz-Eye.com has a review of the new Cleveland casino that is located in the heart of downtown. There are plenty of perks for high rollers, so if you’re in Cleveland make sure to check it out!


No Need to Reinvent the Wheel with Blackjack

One of the great dynamics regarding online blackjack is that many of the newer players to the game get caught up in its speed and begin to make bets with strategies that simply defy the laws of mathematics. Many new players get cleaned out fast with blackjack and it is important to remember that blackjack, whether it be online or in person at a Las Vegas Strip casino, has the same odds and mathematical physics that will never change. The fact that playing blackjack online is a much faster pace makes respecting the odds and math even more critical in importance.

For the smart player, blackjack is an open invitation to the best and fairest odds that can be found in a casino. In fact many players admit that if the casino businesses were starting from scratch today, blackjack would not be offered because sharp players can whittle the odds down to near virtually even with the house, taking away almost all of the edge.

Where casinos make money on blackjack is with the ignorant, the sloppy, and the players that play with wild intuition rather than with respect for the odds and math. To make matters even better for the casinos and worse for such players, these action addicts that seem to be ramped up on an overdose of caffeine, go wild and binge on blackjack by playing multiple hands at the same time. So not only do you have a virtually insane group of action addicts that are playing multiple hands and multiple tables, you have a group of wild players that are not playing smart. And the casinos know there are far more of these types of players than the smart ones, thus their willingness to offer up blackjack despite the fair odds.

For the smart player, online blackjack remains a game of “three yards and a cloud of dust.” It is a basic game that should be played with a basic strategy rather than with grand designs that do not overcome the math of the game. Superstitions, feelings, and intuition have no place at the blackjack table. Solid math, great money management skills, and respect for the game and odds are what will make for the most successful blackjack players.

There has never been a better time to get involved in online blackjack as sign up and play bonuses are higher than ever and the games themselves have never had more appeal.


Single deck backjack has become a ripoff in Las Vegas

Single deck blackjack has always been popular, as it’s easier to keep track of what cards are still sitting in the deck, even if you don’t technically count cards. For experienced players this is a big advantage.

Be careful, however, of most single deck games you find in the Las Vegas casinos. Las Vegas caters more to the casual gambler who doesn’t know what they’re doing, so the casinos changed the payout for blackjack on single deck games to 6-5 as opposed to 3-2. This change makes a big difference on your overall odds.

If they’re pulling this crap in any high roller game, just avoid it. You’re better off playing a shoe with 6 or 8 decks.


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