Heat wave hits Las Vegas


Las Vegas is hot right now in many ways. Pool season is underway, so the party atmosphere is definitely wild as tons of hotties and high rollers flock to Sin City to enjoy the festivities. Also, with the World Series of Poker getting underway, the town is loaded with poker players looking for that huge score, along with tons of side action in hotel rooms and the poker rooms around town.

However, Las Vegas is also experiencing a pretty intense heat wave along with the rest of the Southwest portion of the United States. Sure, it’s always hot in Vegas in the summer, but when it’s scorching like this it makes it a lot harder to really enjoy all of the fun.

If you’re there mostly to play all the casino games, then of course you can enjoy yourself with no problem by just staying in the casino. This is even easier if you’re staying at one of the new ones that are completely decked out like The Cosmopolitan, Vdara or Aria. But do you really want to go there only for the casino action when you can always have fun at home with sites like Canadian Casino Club? I guess it depends on your game of choice. If you love the slots or video blackjack you can have just as much fun in front of your computer. Of course the atmosphere of playing craps at 3:00 AM at a table loaded with high rollers and sexy tourist babes wearing next to nothing is hard to replicate online.

When the weather is like this I’m partial to postponing the trip until the weather cools a little in the fall months. Plus, right now there’s really only baseball as an option for sports betting, unless you’re really into the horses. If you wait until fall you can enjoy your casino games, the pool, and of course football season, where the sports book is a a real blast.

Again, you can make your own call, but I suspect we’ll be seeing fewer impulse Vegas trips, particularly drive trips, when the weather is this brutal.


Spending millions in Las Vegas

If you’re a high roller and you’re looking to let loose in Las Vegas and spend some serious money, check out this video for ideas.


Aria’s Impressive Technological Innovations

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If you haven’t taken a close look at the Aria Resort and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip, you might want to swing by and have a look if you are the type of person who enjoys witnessing a showcase for new and exciting technology. Aria is a marvel of ingenuity, and was described in Popular Mechanics as possibly “the most technologically advanced hotel ever built.”

Let’s take a closer look.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Aria is the largest hotel in the world to be awarded the LEED Gold certification. Put simply, LEED is a system of rating buildings for their “green” efficiency. So for example, things like power consumption and the use of ecologically friendly materials in construction.

Here is a small sample of some of the innovations put forth by the Aria Hotel and the CityCenter complex:

• Water conservation technology and programs that will save between 30% and 43% of water within the buildings and 60% in outdoor landscaping
• World’s first fleet of stretch limos powered by clean-burning compressed natural gas (CNG)
• Slot machine bases to serve as floor air-conditioning distribution units, cooling public spaces from the ground up in the occupied zones, rather than wasting energy by cooling the empty space below the ceiling
Smart Rooms
The 4004 rooms at Aria are capable of handling many different tasks automatically:
• Adjust curtains and play music when guests enter
• Turn off unused lights and electronics when a guest leaves
• Regulate the temperature when a guest enters or leaves a room
Guests actually have the option of saving their settings so that when they return, even if it is a year later, everything will be exactly as they left it.

In addition, technicians are working on a way to allow guests to control their room from afar, say through a phone app, such that guests could turn on their air conditioning before returning to their rooms so that when they do arrive, it’s already cold.

Heat Sensitive Wireless

Aria’s wireless system is formidable. Described as “heat sensitive,” the Wi-Fi network is able to read the density of activity on the network and boost Wi-Fi strength for parts of the grid that require more bandwidth. So if a huge fleet of busses filled with people desperate to check their email unloads at the front door, your phone’s internet is not going to struggle to keep up with the influx of new traffic.

The 3000-square-foot Data Center

Aria promotes choice – for both itself and the customer. Instead of having “static” machines that house one particular game, or even a collection of different games, Aria opts for variable “gambling stations” that are controlled from a 300-square-foot data center. Each station sports an HD screen, and what is on the screen depends entirely on what games happen to be popular. Anything can be put onto the screen. So if blackjack happens to be more popular that weekend, there will be more blackjack put onto these multi-purpose displays.

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Drama for Wynn Casinos

Wynn Casino wikimedia public domain

Steve Wynn has an incredible knack for creating the ultimate high roller experience. Sure, some also blame him for the corporate culture that invaded Las Vegas with the introduction of the Mirage. I guess those people liked it better when the mob ran Vegas. Regardless of that, Wynn was the main guy that brought Vegas out of the tacky 1970s into the ultra luxury era. After the Mirage can Bellagio, which elevated the standard even further. After cashing out, then he decided to put his name on the building. The Wynn casino wasn’t that much of a leap beyond Bellagio, but it did plant itself as one of the premiere luxury spots on the Strip. If you’re a group of guys or high rollers ready to have a great time in Vegas, then you can’t go wrong at the Wynn.

But now Steve Wynn the person is back in the news, as his ex-wife is threatening his casino empire. BusinessWeek explains that “Elaine Wynn has asked a federal court for permission to sell the Wynn Resorts (WYNN) shares she was awarded in the couple’s 2009 divorce.” This is a problem as she’s a swing shareholder of the company. Even if she just sells half of her 9.6 percent stake, such a transaction could possibly trigger a series of events that would threaten Steve’s sway over his company according to the article.

It’s funny how little things like a divorce, even a $750 million divorce, can have such a potential impact on a place like Las Vegas. Not that any of us really care. There are so many places in Vegas to gamble, and of course there are now casinos all over the country, and anyone can find awesome places to play online as well like Betfair Casino.

Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Wynn decided to start all over again. Now with Aria and Cosmopolitan, his Wynn casino is now longer the newest luxury hot spot on the Strip. The guy seems obsessed with setting new standards, so maybe all of this drama will lead him to create something new again. That said, the odds may be against that course of action. Vegas is so saturated right now with high end hotels, and the days of the whale from Asia seem to be gone with overseas competition. Still, we love new hotels, so who cares if it’s a financial success for Wynn. He can afford it, even after his $750 million divorce!


Entertainment money pours back into Las Vegas

Las Vegas is still having some issues following the economic crisis of 2008. Things have changed a lot in the city, and as a result we saw a collapse in the local real estate market. While visitor numbers are creeping up, gambling receipts are still a problem as Macau attracts so many of the world’s high rollers.

You wouldn’t be able to guess, however, if you pay attention to the shows and the nightclubs. Celine Dion just signed a $100 million extension with Caesars. and now there is speculation that Britney Spears could easily top that figure if she completes a deal as well.

Meanwhile, the biggest, newest casinos are killing it. Places like Aria and the Cosmopolitan are packed with the beautiful people, while the hottest clubs are packing them in again.

So Las Vegas continues to evolve. It still attracts the big time poker players, so it’s a mecca for that sport. As more people play online, looking to hone their skills and searching for the best bonus codes on sites like partycasino.com to grab more credits, it just creates more and more players who want to test their skills in person against the best in Las Vegas. If the feds ever get their act together and set up a federal regulatory system for online poker, the popularity will probably explode even more, and that’s very good for Vegas.

The key, of course, is dealing with all the distractions when you get there. Of course we all want to live like a high roller, but living that life has its costs. The booze, the women and the all-night parties make it a lot harder to be effective at the poker table for long stretches of time.

So the real key is discipline. Are you serious about being a winning poker player, or are you more concerned with bringing a hot babe to the Britney Spears concert? These are the choices you have to make. Win first, and then enjoy the festivities.


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