Cocktail Connoisseur Creates World’s Most Expensive Drink

Fancy a fancy libation? Let your cup runneth over with mixologist expert Salvatore Calabrese’s latest cocktail, an exorbitant concoction gaining notoriety for its staggering $8,830 price tag.

London’s extravagant Playboy Club unveiled the cocktail that combines 1770 liqueurs, a 1778 cognac, an 1860 Curaçao and bitters from the early 1900s.  This vintage blend can be traced as far back as the French Revolution epoch, and is regarded as the most expensive cocktail in the world, according to Guinness officials.

Salvatore Calabrese, often referred to as the “Maestro,” is considered to be one of the world’s most reputable aperitif aficionados. His cognac expertise has allowed for prolific recognition as a leading bartender and cocktail connoisseur.

If you’re feeling a bit parched, check out the video below to watch the premiere pouring of this decadent, liquored fusion.


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