Lots of pent-up demand for sports betting

DraftKings has gone public, so now we have another public company that can help track the huge sports betting industry. Naturally, sports betting has ground to a halt during the Coronavirus pandemic, but there is a ton of pent-up demand as fans can’t wait to see sports return.

DraftKings has also become a full-blown online casino as well as Jim Cramer explains in this video.

Draft Kings and Jim Cramer


A Successful Start at Online Casino Gambling

There are so many online casinos and online casino games that it can be intimidating at first glance not just for a new player but also for a seasoned veteran. But there are some basic key fundamentals to employ that will help anyone get off to the best possible start.

The Golden Rule of online casino gambling is to do your homework. Carefully read the house rules and check out the layout of any prospective online casino gambling website that you are interested in. It would amaze you to know how many people blindly jump right in and then discover rules or policies that they were unaware of. Just a little bit of preparation will set you apart from the crowd and enhance your overall gaming experience.

Next be sure to take advantage of any and all offers that are part of the norm for today’s highly competitive online casino experience. You will get bonuses just for signing up and can receive additional rewards for referrals of friends and relatives and for loyalty play that will make you a winner.

The second Golden Rule is to manage your money wisely. There are many experts at the various games offered by websites that are clueless about money management and as a result they waste their expertise on the games that they play because they have no concept of bankroll management. A gamer with basic knowledge of a particular game that has expertise on money management and discipline will outperform the “expert” that cannot manage his money every time.

Knowledge is power and those who become “students of the game” and seek to arm themselves with knowledge will have the best chance of success at online casino gambling. The better you know the websites you play at, the better you know the nuances of the games, and the better you manage your money, the more likely you are to succeed.

Beyond the technical importance of arming yourself with knowledge you will find that you enjoy your gaming experience far more when you believe that you know what you are doing Confidence is contagious and you will play better when confident and be confident when you are armed with the facts and expertise at what you are doing.

Most important of all, have fun. Online gaming is meant to be enjoyed. By preparing well you will have an easy time at having fun!


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