NFL season kicks off with an instant classic

Buccaneers vs Dallas 2021

The NFL season got off to a fun start last night in a game that had sports betters driving up the point spread to the Buccaneers as favorites, only to see Dallas come close to winning the game. It was a good example of how week one can be wild in the NFL as Tampa coughed up the football several times to keep Dallas in the game.

Of course, it’s always fun to bet on the first game, so from a pure entertainment perspective it drove a lot of excitement. But to win at sports betting you need to be selective in where you place your bets. In many ways this game was a sucker’s bet.

The Dak Prescott injury story dominated the news and help drive up the betting line. But he played, and he played well.

So keep that in mind as you look over the week one NFL betting lines. Find games where you really have an edge. Some betters last night probably knew that Dak was healthy and ready to go. Don’t go with the conventional wisdom.


Lots of pent-up demand for sports betting

DraftKings has gone public, so now we have another public company that can help track the huge sports betting industry. Naturally, sports betting has ground to a halt during the Coronavirus pandemic, but there is a ton of pent-up demand as fans can’t wait to see sports return.

DraftKings has also become a full-blown online casino as well as Jim Cramer explains in this video.

Draft Kings and Jim Cramer


Sports betting thrives in New Jersey


One year after the Supreme Court opened the floodgates to states allowing sports gambling, New Jersey is killing it with sports bets. The casinos and racetracks in New Jersey that take sports bets took almost $314 million of sports bets in April. That’s 6 months in a row that sports wagering exceeded $300 million.

More states are rushing to add sports gambling, which will change this landscape considerably. It will be interesting to see how this affects the sportsbooks in Las Vegas, and also if New Jersey slows down as more states get in on the action.

On the other hands, the sports leagues and broadcasters are going all in as well with more content for betters, so we should see this market grow considerably.

For gamblers in many states, you’ll no longer need to go to Las Vegas when you want to have a fun weekend in the sportsbook. That will be a treat for many of us!


Grand National Horse Generator

Trying to pick which horse to back in the Grand National is like trying to win world the round at darts blind-folded. You know what to look for, you roughly have an idea how it’s going to go but in the world of horse racing your careful observations can very quickly go south when something you had no chance of foreseeing happens. To stick with the darts example, your friend Mike just walked in between you and the board while you’re trying to hit the 5. That might be a tad extreme, it’s still fully possible to handicap and get a solid idea of who’s going to win a race but the fact you can’t control all the variables makes it feel like a fool’s game on some occasions. Especially with smaller festivals like Cheltenham that have a tighter pack and are significantly easier to predict and manage when it comes to making bets. So, with 2019 pretty far away, we’ve got this random horse generator so you can put money on your pick now and can relax until this time next year. I mean, you could spend hours delving into the last race and studying the horses who competed or you could pick it totally at random out of the favourites. Choice is yours!

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The Top NFL Scorers in History – 15 of the Finest Rounded Up

Morton Anderson

The top 15 scorers in the history of the National Football League are listed here. All of the players on this list are placekickers, and the statistics include scoring for regular seasons only.

1. Morten Andersen: 1982–2007: 2,544 Points

Born on the 19th of August 1960 and nicknamed The Great Dane, Morten Andersen is a former NFL kicker and All-American at Michigan’s State University.

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