Bungalow Suites at Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas

Here’s one of the newest hot spots for high rollers in Vegas. The Bungalow Suites go for $10,000 per night, though high rollers can obviously get taken care of!


Dayclubs reopening in Las Vegas

It’s been a long winter. You’ve been watching a lot of TV, and all of your gambling has been done online as you stay up late playing online poker. You’ve been itching to get some warm weather and party by a pool to go with your gambling fix, so now is the time to start planning your trip to Las Vegas! It’s springtime, and the weather is warming up.

This is a great time to hit Vegas as all of the dayclubs are starting to open up again. There are tons of options as Vegas has figured out how to bring the crazy nightlife alive during the day.

This mostly started with the crazy Rehab Sundays at the Hard Rock pool. As you can see from the photo above, this was a wild a crazy party that definitely drew in a younger crowd. All of the nightlife elements like reserving a cabana and buying bottle service were brought to the poolside as well, and when you have girls in bikinis the atmosphere can get even wilder. Ditch Fridays at The Palms also became a huge hit.

You also have mellower options like Bare at The Mirage. They have a DJ and it’s definitely a party, but it caters to a more chill crowd. This is great if you want to relax a bit as well and enjoy the beautiful sites of the pool.

The whole dayclub scene has gotten even more popular now with some of the newer and trendier casinos like The Cosmopolitan which features the Marquee Dayclub. Here you definitely get the more upscale crowd along with celebrities and many well-known DJs. Cost to get in is usually around $80 per person (not counting local ladies!) so get ready to empty your wallet as well.

These are just many of the new ways that Vegas caters to the party crowd. If you’re a high roller you can expect some VIP treatment from your casino host, but realize that the dayclubs are now one of the more sought after experiences in Vegas.


Rick Santorum would ban Internet gambling

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum speaks during a campaign appearance in Fallon, Nevada February 2, 2012. REUTERS/Robert Galbraith (UNITED STATES – Tags: POLITICS ELECTIONS)

Social issues have returned for Republicans as they start talking about how they want to run your private lives. Now they’re going after Internet gambling.

National Review’s Jim Geraghty wonders whether there might be a business-related reason behind casino magnate Sheldon Adelson’s reported opposition to Rick Santorum. Take a look at what the former Pennsylvania senator had to say about gambling during a recent interview with Jon Ralston:

I’m someone who takes the opinion that gaming is not something that is beneficial, particularly having that access on the Internet. Just as we’ve seen from a lot of other things that are vices on the Internet, they end to grow exponentially as a result of that. It’s one thing to come to Las Vegas and do gaming and participate in the shows and that kind of thing as entertainment, it’s another thing to sit in your home and have access to that it. I think it would be dangerous to our country to have that type of access to gaming on the Internet.

Freedom’s not absolute. What rights in the Constitution are absolute? There is no right to absolute freedom. There are limitations. You might want to say the same thing about a whole variety of other things that are on the Internet — “let everybody have it, let everybody do it.” No. There are certain things that actually do cost people a lot of money, cost them their lives, cost them their fortunes that we shouldn’t have and make available, to make it that easy to do.

People who like gambling need to recognize that one party wants to tell you how to live your life.


Katy Perry hits Las Vegas

Katy Perry attends the Grand Opening of 1 OAK Las Vegas and the GiveLove Charity Event. Vegas definitely gets its share of high profile celebs, along with plenty of d-list celebs like Paris Hilton, to hit the red carpet at their events. Many high rollers love being around celebs.

Katy Perry at the Grand Opening of 1 OAK Las Vegas and the GiveLove Charity Event. (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Nevada casinos still losing big money

The amount of losses is in the billions!

If you’re a high roller, now is a great time to get incredible service in Vegas! They’re desperate!


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