The Top NFL Scorers in History – 15 of the Finest Rounded Up

The top 15 scorers in the history of the National Football League are listed here. All of the players on this list are placekickers, and the statistics include scoring for regular seasons only.

1. Morten Andersen: 1982–2007: 2,544 Points

Born on the 19th of August 1960 and nicknamed The Great Dane, Morten Andersen is a former NFL kicker and All-American at Michigan’s State University.

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Bettor lets it ride on the Packers

Check this out – here’s a great story of a better that started riding the Packers at the beginning of their winning streak, and now he’s letting it ride again as they prepare to face Atlanta!


NFL Predictions: Green Bay Packers

Green Bay is a favorite team for so many, which means you want to know whether or not you should put your money where your mouth is these days. This can always be a good thing to think about. Wonder what the experts are saying when it comes to whether or not your team is going to make it to the top of the list this season. You want to put your cash on the right team that is going to go all the way. While this is not a sure way to know whether or not they will, but the experts analyze the right information to find out if it is a smart, or safe bet for anyone to make or whether you should walk away instead.

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Setting the Super Bowl lines

So who do you have today? The Broncos or the Seahawks? It’s the biggest sports betting day of the year, and there will be tons of high rollers in Las Vegas, New York and around the country laying money on the game or one of the many prop bets.

Here’s an interesting article on how the lines get set. High rollers of course already know how this works, but the article is pretty good at explaining it and also telling some good stories, like this one:

The handicapper predicts what team will win; the bookmaker doesn’t care who wins. So when Super Bowl XXIII rolled around and the San Francisco 49ers were a 7-point favorite against the Cincinnati Bengals, Gaughan — the man who revolutionized sports bookmaking in Vegas — decided to split the action.

You could have the 49ers at minus-6.5 or the Bengals plus-7.5 at Gaughan’s Barbary Coast property. He’d make the game attractive to both sides, drive as much money on the game as possible, and would likely win on either side. The only way he’d lose — and potentially lose big — was if the 49ers won by 7 and he had to pay both sides.

Going into the fourth quarter, the Bengals led the 49ers 13-6, with the game sitting on that disastrous 7-point margin. Two San Francisco touchdowns would have cost him $18 million.

It wasn’t until three minutes remained in the game, when the Bengals kicked a field goal to go up 16-13, that the game moved off a potential 7-point margin.

“I was in bed with the covers over my head,” Gaughan said. “I’d still be paying it off today.”

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Amazing sports bets that came good

The joy of sports betting is that every now and then a punter gets lured in by massive odds and the unexpected happens and they win big.

Check out three eye-catching bets that have come good in recent years and if you fancy a dabble yourself then why not bet on sports at as they have odds on every major sporting event.

Mali madness

When Mali found themselves 4-0 down against Angola with just 15 minutes to play in the opening game of the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations, the Eagles looked to be heading to a heavy defeat.

One shrewd punter, though, placed a £5 bet on the two teams to draw at 1000/1 – and then watched on in amazement as Mali scored four times, including twice in extra time. The 4-4 draw netted the punter a cool £5,000.

A 19-match bet strikes gold

As every punter knows, football accumulators are difficult to get right.

Predicting the outcome of a large number of games is incredibly tough, but the potential rewards for doing so make it a popular punt. So fair play to the bloke in November 2011 who correctly predicted the outcome of 19 matches having staked one euro at 683,783/1. Nice work!

The joy of six

A hotel worker hit the headlines in 2004 when he became the biggest winner in the history of British betting.

The plucky punter correctly picked six winners from various horse racing meetings, meaning his £2 bet returned him £870,000. Newspaper reports at the time claimed the guy celebrated his huge windfall with a few drinks at his local pub – and who can blame him!


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