Illegal gambling websites are still a problem

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Yesterday we explained how legal sports betting continues to gain popularity, but even with these trends, there are tons of illegal gambling websites out there. The problem with these sites is that you really have no idea which ones are legitimate, and you have little recourse when things go wrong.

This article by Richard N. Velotta in the Las Vegas Review-Journal shines a light on the problem. Velotta explains how the American Gaming Association has made it a priority to encourage the public to bet responsibly with licensed operators and avoid illegal offshore websites. Despite this, illegal gambling websites continue to operate and can be difficult to track down and shut down. He describes the case of a Canadian gambler who has been unable to collect his winnings on a $225,000 jackpot he won playing blackjack on, an internet domain in Antigua. Read the story and you’ll see the details.

Why do betters still use illegal gambling websites?

There are plenty of reasons why these sites are still in business.

Firstly, you have to consider that betting hasn’t been legalized everywhere, so many betters are still shut out of the legal betting market depending on their state of residence or jurisdiction.

Secondly, illegal gambling websites often offer better odds and higher payouts than their legal counterparts. This can be attractive to bettors looking to maximize their winnings, even if it means breaking the law. This also applies to local bookies.

Thirdly, illegal gambling websites are often more accessible and convenient than legal options. While legal sports betting may be limited to certain states or require in-person registration, illegal websites can be accessed from anywhere and may only require a few clicks to place a bet. Without the shackles of regulation they make it easier for everyone to play.

Lastly, some individuals may simply prefer to use illegal gambling websites out of habit or loyalty. They may have been using these websites for years and may be hesitant to switch to a legal option.

Enforcement is difficult

The reality is that illegal gambling websites can be difficult to track and shut down. These websites can operate offshore or use various tactics to hide their location and ownership, making it challenging for law enforcement agencies to investigate and prosecute them. This problem also stems from the silly and ineffective laws intended to stop gambling in places like the United States. We now have more rational regulatory policies, but it will take a while for this to have a broad effect on the market.

Stay away

While legal sports betting has expanded across the United States, illegal gambling websites remain a problem due to the benefits and accessibility they offer. If you live in a jurisdiction where legal gambling is permitted, you’re foolish to stick with an illegal website. It is crucial for every person who plays online to know exactly with whom they are playing and to stay away from those operating illegally. Otherwise, you’ll have little recourse when you get screwed over.


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