How does London’s High Roller Casinos Match Up with Their Global Competition?


When you think about the planet’s premier gambling destinations, two immediately spring to mind: Las Vegas and Macau. It’s often forgotten that the UK has some exceptional gaming facilities too – particularly for the highest rollers around.

Contrary to their Far-Eastern and Far-Western counterparts, the British Isle’s most exclusive cardrooms and table games aren’t found within the walls of existing casinos. Those wishing to play for the highest stakes in the most elegant surroundings must first obtain membership at one of a select number of high roller casinos and clubs. These are mostly concentrated around the capital city of London. Like in Nevada or Macau, a large enough stack of notes is usually enough to grant access. However, some are more restrictive still.

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Chinese high rollers head to Saipan

Macau now has competition.

The Pacific island of Saipan is suddenly becoming a destination spot for Chinese high rollers, and the makeshift casino is cleaning up. The casino also happens to be run by a former protege of President-elect Donald Trump. The video above from Bloomberg explains how the staggering numbers have attracted the attention of U.S. anti-money laundering officials.


Old School Vegas

Here’s a great shot from 1959.


The GoldenEye Hotel and Resort: “The Ultimate James Bond Experience in Ocho Rios, Jamaica”

The GoldenEye Hotel and Resort offers high rollers the ultimate Caribbean vacation escape for those seeking VIP treatment and luxury amenities. Owned by the founder of Island Records, Chris Blackwell and named after one of Fleming’s World War II missions, Operation GoldenEye, this hotel and resort is home to five luxury villas.

The hotel is perfectly situated in the charming little village of Oracabessa which lies on the north coast of Jamaica. The GoldenEye Hotel and Resort is where author Ian Flemming brought 007 James Bond to life in 1952.

The hotel itself includes Flemming’s home and three original villas, nine new beach cottages, six new lagoon suites, two new lagoon cottages and is spread across 52 acres of lush Jamaican land. The surrounding land offers guests the perfect opportunity to unwind, explore and swim because of its picturesque private beaches, secret coves, breathtaking lagoons and tropical forests.

It’s all about privacy when guests stay in the Flemming Villa which features the most private atmosphere you can imagine and glorious. You will feel as though you literally left the rest of the world behind. Of course, there is rich history to be absorbed. If the walls of this villa could talk, guests would hear amazing tales of spies, famous writers, artists and great seducers also known as James Bond himself. This 10-person villa has fabulous amenities such as a fully equipped situ kitchen, spacious dining area with jalousie-style windows, a fully stocked wet bar with Blackwell Rum and popular Jamaican snacks, private swimming pool, large media room and more. When it comes to dining you can choose to dine under the renowned almond trees which were planted by Ian Flemming, enjoy spicy jerk chicken at the Fleming Beach BBQ or dinner in the Fleming Cave. The two and one bedroom villas are equally beautiful and offer exquisite amenities for all who stay there and the lagoon cottages are steps away from Low Cay Beach. Think you can afford $7,500 a night minimum? If you’re a high roller you probably can!

Guests staying at the GoldenEye Hotel and Resort can sip pina coladas at the Bizot Bar on the beach by the sea, enjoy low key dining and authentic Jamaican specialties and listen to the sounds of Radio Nova, broadcast from France. In the mood for dinner by sunset? Dine sky high in the treetops at The Gazebo restaurant which overlooks the lagoon and Low Cay Beach and sample succulent dishes such as lobster tail and seasoned rack of lamb. If you want to stay in your room, you can dine there too with the hotel’s excellent in-room dining service!

If guests want to stay active during their stay at this first-class hotel and resort, they can get involved in a variety of fun activities like core training where you can burn off unwanted calories, tennis courts, water sports like skiing and snorkeling and a team morning run. Ride a mountain bike to Firefly Hill, jog along the beach during a picturesque Jamaican sunset and practice sunset yoga with other guests.

If you are seeking a little more adventure, you can go on the glass bottom boat ride and see over 700 species of colorful fish in Oracabessa Bay or join one of the local Oracabessa fisherman for a morning fishing trip! Looking for some pampering and VIP treatment to compliment the rest of your luxury experience at GoldenEye? Check out the FieldSpa which offers a variety of facials, massages and world-class spa treatments.

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Calling All Frequent Flyers….

Free Image Courtesy of

Free Image Courtesy of

Attention all seasoned Caesars customers! Come January 2013, privileged high rollers can indulge in Caesar’s new charter jet hire, specifically catered to all affluent “regulars” who frequent the casino resorts. 1500 annual flights will be provided by Republic Airways as part of the Caesars Rewards Program, ensuring prompt travel across the multitude of Caesar-owned properties. In addition to flights, special hotel rates and vacation packages are available as an extension to this gambling getaway.

The rewards program is great incentive for all big spenders to drop bigger bucks, but I can’t help but wonder how much this frequent flyer perk actually costs. Though rates were non-disclosed, I can safely assume this aircraft premium is truly a sky-high hit to the wallet!



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