How does London’s High Roller Casinos Match Up with Their Global Competition?


When you think about the planet’s premier gambling destinations, two immediately spring to mind: Las Vegas and Macau. It’s often forgotten that the UK has some exceptional gaming facilities too – particularly for the highest rollers around.

Contrary to their Far-Eastern and Far-Western counterparts, the British Isle’s most exclusive cardrooms and table games aren’t found within the walls of existing casinos. Those wishing to play for the highest stakes in the most elegant surroundings must first obtain membership at one of a select number of high roller casinos and clubs. These are mostly concentrated around the capital city of London. Like in Nevada or Macau, a large enough stack of notes is usually enough to grant access. However, some are more restrictive still.

Where to go?

The UK has a long history of gambling in various capacities, yet it lacks the enormous super casinos that the more established destinations of Las Vegas and Macau are famous for. This makes finding a spot accommodating and exclusive enough for the most elite level of VIP somewhat trickier than it is out East or West. Fortunately, the best of the best are all within a stone’s throw away from one another around the opulent area of Mayfair, London. Once inside, the splendour of these private members’ casinos often surpasses even the finest offerings at more mainstream high roller locations.

Crown London Aspinall’s

The Crown London Aspinall’s offers its exclusive punters the opportunity to mingle with one another on the main floor, as well as their choice of four private gaming salons. The Club Room and Jade Room hark back to the private members’ clubs of old. Finished exquisitely with lavish decorative features, these choices exude opulence. Meanwhile, both The Gallery and The Silk Room provide a more minimalist experience, forgoing the cliched “darkened rooms” synonymous with gambling into the small hours. Light and airy, and adorned with artwork, they offer a more understated elegance. The club even has a rooftop area in which in which member will find yet more gaming tables. Players can enjoy a wide selection of the Crown’s casino games during the occasion British sunshine. When the weather inevitably turns, “27” – as the terrace is known – offers members protection from the elements meaning it can be used all year round.

Crown London Aspinall’s is far too exclusive to tolerate the annoyance of endlessly flashing and beeping slot machines but table games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, and Three Card Poker are all on offer. In addition, the club hosts annual poker tournaments and are accommodating to members who request to play poker in advance.

To gain membership at the Crown London Aspinall’s, players must submit an application, and provide photo ID and a business card. It’s then up to the club’s Membership Committee to make the final decision. Following this, there’s the £1,000 membership dues which must be paid.

Once accepted and paid up, there’s no formal dress code but their website states, “the only rule we have is that your appearance must be of an acceptable standard and not likely to offend other customers.” The club is open 24 hours every day except Christmas Day with the restaurant and bar areas open between 12pm and 3am.

Crockfords Club

Another exclusive high roller casino in the UK’s capital is Crockfords Club. It’s actually in the very next property to the Crown London Aspinall’s on Curzon Street. The prestigious Mayfair area of the city provides a fitting environment to host the most sophisticated clientele around. Like its neighbour, Crockfords Club strives to offer an exceptional standard of service and world class dining and gaming – all in a discreet, unique setting.

The grandiose high-ceilinged rooms are subtly lit by ornate chandeliers and are left completely open plan. Just a few tables occupy each, adding to the air of exclusivity throughout the space. Most of the rooms are finished with luxurious reds, deep purples, or rich chocolate tones making them feel cosy yet effortlessly classy.

For those wishing for the utmost in seclusion, Crockfords provides five private rooms: The Bohemian Room, Rear Salle, The Gold Room, The Penthouse Suite, and The London Room. They also offer contemporary world cuisine in the elegant surroundings of the inhouse restaurant. Diners can choose from modern European, dim sum, Indian, and Middle Eastern-inspired dishes.

Like the Crown London Aspinall’s, there is a membership fee to pay (£300) and admission is at the manager’s discretion. Again, players are encouraged to dress smartly but a tie isn’t strictly necessary.

Once on the main floor, or in one of the private rooms, players can choose between Roulette, Blackjack, Punto Banco, or Casino Stud Poker.

Les Ambassadeurs Club

Just around the corner from the other two locations on our list of London’s most elite high roller gaming venues is Les Ambassadeurs. This non-stop gaming centre caters equally for the “crème of society” as well as the biggest-money gamblers on the planet. Also known as “Les A” by its members, the club was first opened in the early 19th Century and was relaunched in 1991. It quickly resumed the mantle as one of the UK’s most exclusive gaming venues. Over the years many members of high society have frequented Les A and today a membership is just as revered as it ever was.

Again, punters will have to fork up a membership fee. This time it really doesn’t come cheap. Just a week’s pass will cost £1,000 and for the business membership you’re looking at £25,000 per year. This makes it one of the most expensive private members’ clubs on the planet. Those willing to cough up the high fees do get additional few perks as well as access to one of the finest gaming venues on earth. Being involved with the organisation of the prestigious Royal Ascot racing meet certainly comes in handy for fans of the sport of kings, and an annual trip on a private jet to the Champions’ League Final will also sweeten the deal somewhat.

Not only is Les Ambassadeurs the priciest on our shortlist, it’s also the most demanding when it comes to looking the part. Full evening wear is required. That means jackets and ties for the gentlemen, of course.

Inhouse dining comes courtesy of an international menu of both classic dishes and more contemporary offerings. During the day, the restaurant is open to the public meaning it can get rather busy. Fortunately, dinner service is exclusive to members, guaranteeing a more intimate and secluded atmosphere. The club has its own dedicated sports bar too which show all large sporting events. Members can unwind and enjoy the big game or boxing match in the more informal but equally grandiose Red Room.

Patrons of Les A can look forward to a truly exquisite experience from their membership. There are numerous private rooms available at request. The Marble Room, Gold Room, and The Penthouse Rooms all offer seclusion and grandeur each with their own unique flair. Meanwhile, The Library is often ranked as one of the most stunning rooms in all of London. It’s beautifully carved, dark wood adornments provide one of the most spectacular backdrops imaginable for an evening wager or two.

The games on offer are Blackjack, Roulette, Punto Banco, Slots, and Dice. Each can be enjoyed in any of the private suites, in the main casino area, or outside in the Smoking Garden. There members will find six tables for Blackjack and seven dedicated Roulette tables too.

What About High Roller Casinos Online?

For those who do not feel the need to venture out but prefer the comfort of their own surroundings, the Internet offers an abundance of online casinos that cater for the bigger spender. Not only do they entice one with large bonus offers, but they also set high table limits and host a variety of high roller slots. Interested punters can pick from this list as appropriate, all of course licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

But How Does All This Stack Up with Macau and Vegas?

As mentioned, the main difference between the exclusive rooms at the more famous gambling destinations and those found in London comes down to the existence of super casinos. Wandering around London as a tourist or even resident, it’s unlikely that you’d instantly recognise any of our shortlist as a venue for gambling. This is not the case in either Macau or Vegas. There, high rollers can show up or call any of the huge names in the casino entertainment industry on the main streets and let management know how much cash they’re intending to splash at the tables. The rest will be taken care of very quickly.

The most exclusive suites and rooms in either Vegas or Macau are all found within the grounds of well-known casino complexes. It’s the absence in London and the UK in general of such huge resorts which makes high rolling there so special and feel that bit more exclusive.

Las Vegas

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That’s not to say Las Vegas doesn’t have its fair share of VIP venues though. These are often found in secret areas of hotels and accommodate those wishing to play the very highest stakes available. They hide in plain sight under the flashing signs of much more well-known resorts. The MGM Grand has four such accommodations, there’s three at Caesars Palace, and the Mirage, Aria, Venetian, and Monte Carlo have two apiece. It’s unlikely that regular guests at the super casinos which house such exclusive areas will even know about their existence. Rooms like Hotel 32 in the Monte Carlo and the Mansion in the MGM Grand are reserved for the upper echelons of society and along with some of the most decadent suites in all of Vegas, visitors will be treated to a whole host of perks. These can include exclusive club and private lounge access, concierges, preferential restaurant treatment, butlers, and even in-room gaming tables.

Most of the most exclusive card rooms and casinos in Sin City require a minimum credit line of $300,000 to play at them. An example is the especially decadent Wynn Sky Casino which sits high in the Encore Tower. There, players can look out over the whole of Vegas – a real rarity since most casinos prefer to keep their punters guessing at the time of day or night. Similarly located on its own private floor, the Bellagio Private Gaming Villa has the same financial requirements to enjoy the facilities. This completely private area is staffed with butlers and massage therapists as well as the expected dealers, and waiting staff you’d see in any public casino. This really helps the highest rollers around feel completely at ease during their time within the Villa.

In Vegas, each of the major casino operators offers their own version of a well-tested theme. Being as accommodation and gaming is usually done on a single property, those wishing to use the highest stake tables available are also treated to the most preferential accommodations. Casino hosts will do all in their power to ensure that the most valuable guests have the most comfortable time during their entire stay with them.


Macau’s high roller scene more closely resembles that of Las Vegas than it does London. Again, the casino resort accommodation offers punters everything they need under a single roof. Exclusive treatment comes as a package and is delivered courtesy of one of the region’s super casinos. Like in Vegas, there are plenty to choose from.

High rollers will purchase “rolling chips” before they leave the mainland for Macau and these are redeemed for credit at whichever casino the player has a reservation with. Many casinos provide VIP packages for players playing over certain thresholds. Special treatment and perks are like those found in Las Vegas. The Venetian Macao offers membership in their private Paiza Club which provides access to their VIP gaming facilities. This is the norm across the region’s other famous casinos. The likes of the Wynn Macau, Grand Lisboa, City of Dreams and Galaxy Macau all have their own exclusive tables, rooms, and suites for their high rollers.
Super Casino or Super Exclusive?

Whilst many of the private facilities at the planet’s super casinos are fabulously decadent, and sufficiently grandiose to rival their London private members’ club counterparts, the experience is a completely different one. Vegas and Macau are totally synonymous with gambling culture and casinos litter the city skyline in all directions. Meanwhile, the Mayfair streets are the exact opposite. Stepping off an iconic road in the busy capital and arriving instantly in a sophisticated and exclusive club of your peers is a surreal yet special feeling indeed and one that’s impossible to create in the likes of Vegas or Macau. Whilst the private facilities provided by the Mansion or the Venetian certainly offer hard-to-rival levels of luxury, the atmosphere within London’s members’ clubs is one that’s hard match.


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