Craps is the Classic Casino Game

Perhaps no game best personifies the epitome of online casino games than craps, the famous and exciting dice game that is often featured in classic movies with such masculine actors as Humphrey Bogart and Frank Sinatra. It is a game that is often described as a “game within a game” and offers among the best odds for a player that they can find anywhere.

Although craps is a fair game with a very low house edge if played correctly, many online players are intimidated by it because of the layout of the table and the fast pace. Beyond that there are many different bets you can make with craps and it can appear a lot more confusing than it actually is. With that in mind let’s take a look at the basic terminology of craps as it helps describe the game overall.

First of all, there is no way to influence the dice roll at craps, regardless of what wild stories you may have heard. And beyond that, no matter what strategies you employ, even the most sensible ones, there are no guarantees that you will ever win and beat the house edge, small as it may be.

The best bets to make at craps are pass and don’t pass, come or don’t come, as they have a 1.4% house edge. Where gamblers often blow their bankrolls are on prop bets, where the house edge is far greater. A great example is the Big 6 and Big 8 bets, which come with a ridiculous 9% house edge. And yet despite the big numbers these bets are constantly made.

And then there is the famed “7” bet with the “theory” that it is the most common number rolled, therefore it’s the best prop bet on the table. WRONG! The house has the “7” totally covered with a staggering 16.7% edge that nobody will ever be able to wear down. This is a classic example of the house taking full advantage of basic gambler’s “logic” and turning it upside down.

The famed hedge bet of playing the field is also a bonanza for the house with a 5.6% edge to the casino. And yet the masses line up thinking that they are getting a “bargain” with this bet.

The one bet that is a must to make when playing craps online casino games is the odds bet after the point is established as that reduces the house edge up to 40%.


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