A Guide to eSports Betting


eSports betting is one of the hottest new trends for betting. It does not include betting on sports or on casino games, but it does include betting on video games which are just as popular.

Video games have been a phenomenon since the very first technology came about and much like all other types of technological based things, video games have evolved to become quite phenomenal. Betting on eSports at any of the top online sports betting sites is as much like any other sort of betting so you will need to have basic understanding of what it is about and what betting options are available in order to have a more rewarding experience.

What Online eSports Betting Is

Imagine all of the top video games such as Doom, Halo, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Call of Duty and Warcraft played at a superior level with high stakes and real money wins for simply being a spectator.

eSports involve elite players who play at a competitive level on first person shooter, real-time strategy, multiplayer and fighting platforms. Competitive tournaments are huge when it comes to video games and having the opportunity to bet on them makes them even more appealing.

Players who participate in eSports do win huge amounts of money or even supplement their winnings for endorsements and donations from their fan bases. Bettors who bet on eSports can win large amounts too, just as if they were enjoying footy betting.

While tournaments can be watched live, the online platform gives fans a much broader and more convenient option for watching the tournaments. It is estimated that millions of hours of eSports are streamed online every month.

About Online Betting on eSports

There is not much difference to betting on eSports as there is to betting on any other of sport. Online betting is a popular pastime and eSports gives bettors just one more fantastic option.

The sports betting sites that offer eSports betting must, as always, be trusted and reliable. Finding a site that is, is not hard as there are multiple options to choose from.

Online bettors have multiple betting options for eSports that are much like mainstream sports betting options. Props and exotic bets may too be available and these tend to differ between online betting sites. Some might include who will get first blood, who will be the first to win five rounds and who will have the first ten kills. The goal is to find a site that is trusted and reliable and offers the best odds and betting options for you.

Some of the more common eSports betting options that you will find at online sports betting sites include futures which are placed in advance and involve predicting the winner of a group or the overall tournament. Head to head bets are also common and include predicting who will win an individual match and then handicap bets which include options such as predicting whether a team or player will win by a certain number of points which can be more or less than a specific number that has been predetermined.


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