NFL Futures still have Packers and Chiefs as favorites to get to Super Bowl

NFL Futures Packers Chiefs Super Bowl

The NFL Wildcard Weekend saw most of the favorites advance, we have some pretty good matchups heading into the Divisional Round. The Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs are still the favorites to meet in the Super Bowl, but neither team has an easy matchup this weekend.

Cincinnati Bengals +3½ at Tennessee Titans

The Bengals are riding high behind the golden arm of Joe Burrow. Meanwhile, nobody is talking about the Titans who managed to grab the top seed in the AFC and now have a healthy Derek Henry back in the backfield. I like the Titans in this game, but Borrow would make me nervous. The kid is special and he won’t be intimidated by playing on the road. That said, the Titans have a big edge when it comes to experience and coaching, and they can tear apart the Cincy defense with their running game.

San Francisco 49ers +6 at Green Bay Packers

The 49ers are a terrible matchup for the Packers given their ability to run the ball. But this line has been moving due to the Jimmy Garoppolo injury situation. Garoppolo has a “slightly” sprained right (throwing) shoulder and has also been playing through a torn ligament in his right thumb. This could explain the obscene interception he threw in the fourth quarter of the Dallas game. It’s hard to pick this game until we know more about his injury situation.

Los Angeles Rams +3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Matthew Stafford got his first playoff win and Cam Akers miraculously looks to be in mid-season form. Also, OBJ seems to have found a home as the third receiver in the Rams open passing game. On the other side we have Tom Brady. This game is awfully tough to pick, so I’d stay away.

Buffalo Bills +2½ Kansas City Chiefs

Josh Allen had an amazing game last weekend as the Bills took out years of frustration in destroying the Patriots. Naturally, recency bias has geniuses like Colin Cowherd proclaiming that Allen and the Bills are practically unbeatable. Didn’t we used to say that about Patrick Mahomes? At least Mahomes was much more consistent when many were deifying him. Allen needs to prove he can maintain this level of performance. He doesn’t need to throw for five touchdowns again, but he needs to be smart and accurate, traits which often eludes him. He may be on the verge of a great playoff run, or he might run into reality on the road in KC. I’m banking on reality and I would lay the points.


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