Being a High Roller Requires Some Discipline and Self-Control

London skyline

Part of the fun of being a high roller is just the ability to let go and enjoy the ride. You can bring a big stack to the casino and life isn’t going to change at all if you blow it. The same goes for the ordinary gambler who wins a big parlay early in a casino trip and then lives like a high roller for a while with those winnings.

The key of course, as with most things in life, is knowing when to stop. This may be tricky, as we can all get a little wild when we’re in the zone. But there’s a difference between wild excess and sheer stupidity.

Which brings us to the latest example of high rollers taking things way too far. This story takes us to the historic city of London where one can find plenty of ways to enjoy your vices. A 62-year old gentlemen went on a 72-hour gambling bender which resulted in separating himself from £3.9 million of his net worth. That’s around 10% of his claimed net worth, so naturally this one stung a bit. Can you imagine losing that much money playing baccarat? It’s absurd.

Of course, lawyers have gotten involved, and the gambler is suing the casino, basically alleging that they let him play to long and shirked their responsibilities under the 2005 Gambling Act.

He may or may not have a case. That’s really not the point here. Stuff like this should never happen if you have even just a little self-control. Learn some basic self-discipline.

Again, being rich gives you the opportunity to act like a brainless high roller, but is there any limit for you?

For many of us, this wouldn’t be a problem. Few people would take things this far. But we all have our weak moments, and for some of us, this type of behavior is a real risk factor.

One of the best ways to prevent this type of fiasco is to have trusted friends around. Now that might be difficult for some high roller types who crave excess. At some point your real friends start to peel away when you act like this. The yes-men and enablers hang on and encourage the irresponsible behavior. If this sounds familiar, then you know you need to get back to having real friends around you. The types of friends who will make you stop playing.

Another trick is having a hot, horny girlfriend or sugar baby who wants to take care of you back in your room. That’s always more fun than the gambling part . . . pick your vices well!

And of course, then best way to handle this is to get some help. If you’re edging toward this type of behavior, find a counselor who will teach you ways to develop discipline and self-control.

Good luck!


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