Hilarious poker movie – The Grand

If you like poker, you’re probably going to enjoy The Grand, which was recently recommended by Premium Hollywood as a DVD pick. The movie basically spoofs the poker scene in places like Las Vegas and also the various types of poker players that you see regularly at poker tournaments. Check out the video below for examples.

Here’s what PH said about it:

While most sports movies tend to take themselves very seriously, with triumphant underdogs and platitude-filled speeches in their third acts, some sports just inherently lend themselves to comedy. Bowling is a great example of this, as evidenced by the success of films like the Farrelly brothers’ Kingpin and the Coen brothers’ The Big Lebowski. Poker is another, though the game itself is so relatively inactive that it’s debatable whether it should even be called a sport, and Zak Penn‘s underrated improvisational comedy The Grand takes full advantage of a poker tournament’s many humorous possibilities.

Rent the DVD and you’ll love it.


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