Basic Card Odds and Probabilities

If you’re planning to make a bit of money playing cards, there’s a few things you need to bear in mind. Firstly, what are you playing and who’s it with? You’ll have better luck playing Blackjack in a casino where the dealer stands on soft 17. Second, is there anything you can use to increase your advantage? Things like an online casino bonus so you don’t need to use solely your own money. And finally, do you have a good grasp of the odds and probabilities involved? Well, the first two are on you, but luckily this infographic gives you a handy breakdown of some of the essential numbers involved so that you can get to grips with the maths before you sit down at the table or computer to play some games! The most important sum you’re going to see running through here is 1/52, the odds of a single card being dealt out of the deck.

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Online Casino Games Taking on More Personality

One of the new dynamics of online casino games is the entertainment rather than the gambling factor. Make no mistake about it, the games are still about wagering and winning big money but there is now an added factor that enhances the overall gaming experience and that is the personality of games based on themes.

Many online slot games are now based on movies, television shows, comic strips, and sports. For many gamblers it is as important to play a game based on a certain specific theme that the player will enjoy as it is to play a game solely for the purpose of wagering for money itself. A great example of this new phenomenon is the Marvel Comic Strip slots that are based on the various comic book heroes. It is now possible to win a jackpot as you watch Spiderman’s heroics.

The same holds true for movie fans as you can play slots based on “The Godfather,” “Gone With The Wind,” and “Batman.” Online casinos love to offer such games as they will attract new players and keep them playing just for the entertainment factor alone. To put it another way, there are gamers playing just for the entertainment itself rather than the shot at winning money.

The stunning graphics of this new generation of games is also remarkable. With brilliant visuals and dynamic sound, today’s online casino games are vastly superior to their traditional in person on site games and this is helping an already exploding industry grow even faster.

Along those same lines, online casinos are offering bonus incentives to players who play these new theme based games. Bonuses tied into movies or famous singers make for a more enjoyable online wagering experience. The bonus structures at online casinos are at a peak at the present time and there has never been a better time to sign up and take advantage of “free money” just to start. The additional bonuses for referrals of friends and family as well as for loyalty and playing time make everyone a winner before they make their first bet.

Many players are now also finding friends at such games as online casinos are holding slots tournaments for fans of different themes that are enjoyable and offer people with the same interests a chance to interact.

With bonuses, awesome themes, and unsurpassed quality, this is the best time to take part in online casino games.


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